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Sunday, January 26, 2014

:..WeDdInG pLaNnInG..:

As some of you know, I am getting MARRIED this year! It's exciting, but so stressful at the same time. There's a lot of PLANNING with the whole ceremony/reception. SHEESH!
Well let me tell you about it.

  • First, my theme is COUNTRY because my fiance is such a cowboy/country person it's cute! And we all know that the wedding is all about the bride, right? So I wanted to bring a little of my fiance into our wedding. That is why I picked a country themed wedding.
  • Second, our venue is at the Day Barn in Draper, UT. Which Braxton and I are so excited for! The only downfall to having it at a venue, you can't set up the day before. You have to set up the day of from the time you have it reserved. Kind of sucks, but still, we are super excited.
  • Third, our decorations are going to be AWESOME!! I think that's one of the things I'm most excited about, besides getting married of course. I have it pictured in my head what it's going to look like and let me tell ya, it is going to be dang cute! So I hope that what I have in my head can be laid out for everyone to see. We are going to have lanterns, signs, hay bales, wagon wheels, pitch fork/rake, saddles, reigns, ropes, halters, horse shoes, fences, feeding barrels, mason jars, burlap, lace, lights, etc. Like I said, it's going to be dang cute! Super excited to show everyone.
  • And last but not least, Fourth, we are going to have a line at our ceremony, but there will not be a line at the reception. Braxton and I will be walking around mingling with people, eating our refreshments that are provided and dancing! There will be lots of dancing. So needless to say I am excited for October 6, 2014. I get to put up my decorations, I get to marry my best friend, and I get to DaNcE! So excited.
All I know is by the time Braxton & I get married, we will have been engaged for 20 months. Let me tell you, it was well worth it! We both are okay not rushing things, but now that it is our year to get married, we want it to be here. Patience though. Patience.
Here are some pictures of some of the crafts we have done for our wedding.

One of the signs that we will have at the reception

Another sign that we will have at our ceremony

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Positions I need to know

My thick packet that I will be tested on... Yay.

Math homework/study guide for my first Midterm

I know, right? Confusing! I was thinking the exact same thing you were when I first started my CNA class and Ology (math) class. When I was first handed my Ology book, I quickly looked through it all just to see what I was going to learn this semester and let me tell ya, I was nervous, confused and scared out of my mind. Math isn't my best subject. So when it came to this I panicked a little bit. 
When I was handed my CNA book, I looked through that as well. I wasn't too concerned with it because I knew some medical terminology already. I had an idea of what some of the things that were going to be taught were. So I wasn't stressing too much about my CNA class as I was my Ology.
Needless to say, my September was a very busy and stressful month. My life literally revolved around work, school and homework. It didn't feel like I had time to do anything other than that. When I did, all I really wanted to do was relax. Take a breather. Have time for myself. But I longed for going out and doing something instead of relaxing, but my body kept telling me I needed to relax.
Ology, whoever thought about doing this course was a genius! It's helped me so much. It's a faster way to get math done. If I had gone through UVU, BYU or U of U starting in Math 950 then getting to Math 1050 would have taken what, two years? Maybe? Instead, I'm getting Math 950-1050 done in ONE semester! ONE! Who would have thought that was possible, but it is! Through Ology of course.
When I think of math I don't think of an enjoyable subject. I hate it. I don't understand it. It's a waste of time. And when the crap am I going to use it again in my every day life? NEVER!! At least not this kind of math. Seriously. But since I have an incredible instructor, who majored in math mind you, she has made me kind of enjoy math and look forward to going to my next class. She takes the time to make sure you understand what you're doing. She shows you all these ins and outs on getting the problem done faster. She has awesome shortcuts! SHORTCUTS! Who would have thought about shortcuts?!
CNA, some of it was like "seriously, come on! This is common sense" and other parts of it, I honestly had no idea about. But majority of it is common sense. All I need to do now is send in my voucher to the state, get contacted by them, set up a time/date of when I can take my State Skills Test & State Written Test. Then wait to hear from them if I've passed or failed. This'll be nerve wracking. But it's a necessary step to continue on with Nursing school. Nursing school.. That's a whole other topic that I'll get into when the time comes.
For now, this is what I have been doing this fall semester of school. It's been stressful, but definitely well worth it. Well worth it.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Three hundred sixty-five days & counting

Three hundred sixty-five days. 365 days. Three. Six. Five. Days! 
I don't think it really matters how I say it, or how I look at it because today is exactly one year until Braxton & I are married. By this time next year he will be calling me his WIFE & I'll be calling him my HUSBAND. That's weird.
Yeah, I've been looking forward to this day since he asked me to marry him - which was in February, mind you - but now that it's actually one year away, it's weird. I don't exactly know how to explain what I'm feeling right now.
Weirded out
Panic like
All of these feelings are what I'm feeling... Somewhat. Like I said, I can't exactly explain what/how I'm feeling. The one thing I can tell you is, it's going to be weird introducing Braxton to people as my husband. It was weird, for a while, introducing him as my Fiance. I'll get used to it eventually, just like everyone else.
Three hundred sixty-five days. Three hundred sixty-five days. Three HUNDRED sixty-five days. That's going to be here before I know it. Thinking about it now, it seems so far away, but it will be here fast. Then I'll be wondering where all the time went. Do I have everything I need? Is everything finished? Are the colors right? Are the flowers perfect? Where is everyone? Is this really happening? I can't believe it's happening! WHERE DID THE TIME GO?! The excitement will turn into stress as it gets closer and closer. Then the stress will be gone when the day is actually here and.... finished! Three hundred sixty-five days.
Three. Six. Five. DAYS and counting. Bring on this year!
My beautiful ring - cannot wait for the band!

Walked into Kay Jewelers 3 times & on the 3rd time, I found my ring & said "That's my ring Braxton!"

So excited for the year to come ;)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer of 2013

This year Braxton & I have gone to quite a few concerts. We purchased the "MegaTickets", which in the long run was worth it. The concerts included in the MegaTickets were Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, Brad Paisley & Luke Bryan. We also went to Chris Cagle & Josh Turner, that were not part of the MegaTickets. Needless to say, we have been to a lot of concerts this year.
We haven't done a lot of camping because Braxton was in school for EMT during the summer. So the Saturday's that we didn't work, he was in class. The Monday's we didn't work, he was in class. Therefore, it was really hard to find some time to go camping. In trade, we started taking house/dog sitting jobs. Which have been beneficial to us because it has helped pay for a few things.
Here are some pictures of us at the concerts we've been to, thus far. We still have Luke Bryan to go to. He comes this Friday - September 20, 2013. So stoked.
Tim McGraw concert - We got beer poured all over us. We weren't too happy about that.

Kenny Chesney concert... We were pretty late to this one. Hence the happy faces. HA!

Brad Paisley concert. Braxton was pretty goofy this night.

Alan Jackson concert. Surprisingly he was really good, even for just standing there.

Chris Cagle concert. We've been to him 3 times now. He's pretty amazing!

Josh Turner concert. All I can say about Josh Turner is... He can go REALLY low!

(We still have Luke Bryan concert to go to & to take pictures)

Braxton & I have enjoyed this summer very much! We cannot wait for the next summer to come because that means we are that much closer to our actual wedding day! Which we have been patiently waiting for. We both have said multiple times this year "totally wish we were getting married this year." But in the end, we are grateful we haven't gotten married this year because we want to start our new beginning off somewhat right & somewhat debt free. We are anxiously waiting though..... Anxiously.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

October 6, 2014 getting closer & closer

Braxton & I at the Turkey Banquet on April 6, 2013

You can tell Braxton is super excited for pictures

April 6, 2013 - Exactly a year and a half until we're married!

I sit here thinking Braxton and I have a little less than a year and a half left before it's OUR big day! October 6, 2014 will be here before we know it.
I think that out of the both of us, I'm the most excited for the planning & yet the most anxious.
I keep looking at venues asking Braxton for his opinion and what he thinks. Does he like it? Would it fit us? Is it in our price range? What do you think about the whole thing? Do you think it fits our "theme"? And yet, all I get from him is.... "Sure" or "I don't know". Cracks me up, but does get annoying at times. I'm asking for your opinion dang it!
All Braxton really cares about is getting the day over and done with so we can finally be married, I have his last name and finally live together! That's what he's most excited about and what he's looking forward to the most. Really?! You're not excited to see me walk down the isle in my B.E.A.U.TIFUL wedding dress all done up? Although, he is excited for the wedding - just not as much as me. .... Once again, cracks me up! When I mention that to him he is very quick to answer "Well yeah, I am excited about that. But I just want it to be here & be done with". Love him.

Well, today I've been thinking about it and I really don't even know where to start. We have a few venues in mind - especially ones that will go with our theme (which I'm super excited about.) But once again, where do you start? The one thing that Braxton and I are stuck on is who do we invite? Who do we WANT to invite? How many do we actually plan for after invites are sent out? I think that once we figure it out, things will come smoothly. So I hope.
There's a lot that comes with the wedding/reception planning. When I was younger, I had the whole thing planned out - so I thought - now that it's actually happening I have realized I pretty much don't have anything planned. It's crazy to think... Oh the things you think when you're young. How simple it would/could be if it were like that.

Braxton & I went on a date on Friday, April 26, 2013 and we started talking about it. I think it has finally sunk it to the both of us that we have a little less than a year and a half until we get married. I think it finally sank in with Braxton because he just kept saying "It'll be here before we know it. It'll be here before we know it." Which is true. 
Right now it is April 28, 2013. October 6, 2013 will be here in a blink of an eye. From that point on it'll be stress, stress, stress. Make sure everything is coming together. Make sure everything is set. Make appointments. Find the necessary items. So on and so forth. Then October 6, 2014 will be here and we'll both be thinking "where did the year go?" It's kind of exciting to think about it, but then again like I have said, it's a little nerve wracking. There are days, grant it, that I wish we were getting married this year instead of prolonging the engagement, but to be honest I am so happy we are doing it this way.

The reason Braxton and I have decided to have a long engagement is because by the time we get married we should only have his truck payment and my car payment left. Everything else of ours (debt - nasty little bugger) will be paid off. If things go exactly as planned. That is the reason we are waiting. It's not because we are scared or because this is everything we want.... WAITING... It's because we would like to be as much debt free as possible. That way we can use that money we were spending on bills towards something else. Whether it be savings. Toys. Dogs. Vehicles. An apartment. Or even, a house. We'll have the extra money to do it and not have to stress so much about finances. About "can we actually afford that or are we going to be hurting for money for the next two weeks..."
Yeah, I know there will be the stress about finances throughout marriage; but that's marriage. That's why we are trying so hard to be as debt free as possible. So we can start fresh in our marriage. So our debt is OUR debt and not his debt that I have to help pay, or vise versa. It's ours. Together. That is probably the huge/main reason we are waiting. And for that, I am grateful that he is willing to wait with me. That he is willing to get the bills out of the way - like I said, majority of them so it's just our vehicles we have to pay. A fresh start to a new life and journey together. Boy oh boy, do I love him!

Monday, April 8, 2013

ONE-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY... March 30, 2013

Our before picture at the Festival of Colors 3.30.13

We spent our "One-Year-Anniversary" with Kacey & Shay

Our after picture at the Festival of Colors 3.30.13


I know, I know, it's the month of April. I'm a little behind. At least I'm posting about it :)
On March, 30, 2013 Braxton & I celebrated our One-Year-Anniversary by going to the Festival of Colors with my brother, Kacey, and his girlfriend, Shay. After the Festival of Colors we went to lunch at Sonic - romantic, I know. Then we all went our separate ways to shower and clean off. After we were all sparkling clean we decided we wanted to go see a movie with Kacey & Shay. We went to The District on 11400 South and Bangerter and saw Silver Lining Playbook. It was an interesting movie I must say. Good, but interesting.
I am grateful I have Braxton in my life. He has changed my whole world. He has brought light into my life, which at the time was much needed. Braxton has been accepted into my family from the first time they met him; Which was our first date, March 16, 2012. It's the greatest feeling knowing that your significant other has been accepted into your family without any questions or doubts. My family knew that Braxton was the one for me and they knew that he was an incredible person. I am so excited to be his Fiance and am looking forward to the day I get to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. I love him with all my heart and come October 6, 2014 I will be able to take his last name. Auriel Anderson.... Kind of has a nice tone to it. I cannot wait.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last week on March 16, 2013 Braxton & I had our "first date" all over again. A year ago Braxton was beating around the bush on asking me on a date. We were at work and tired of being inside, so we decided we would go outside and pick up all the poop. We took our sweet time doing it too. While we were outside we were talking about the Turkey Banquet that was coming up, his friends and how drunk they get, how drinking a majority of the time wasn't that appealing to him anymore, our dating lives and more.
While we were talking about our dating lives Braxton was asking me if I was interested in anyone. I had told him I was, but that had ended. He asked me what I like to do on dates, for fun, hobbies. I told him I'm not a HUGE fan of going to dinner & seeing a movie on the first date. He asked me why that was, so I told him it was because you don't interact with each other when seeing a movie. You just stare at the screen. A first date is all about getting to know the person and seeing if they are someone you're interested in and would like to continue to go on dates and possibly date.
Braxton then asked me "How does a guy get a girl like you?" I paused. Then I told him, "The guy must respect me as a person, understand that I come with flaws, that he must treat me right and not like a piece of garbage. That he will love me no matter what... Basically treat me like a princess... No a queen!" He paused. He then said, "Really? That is what every girl says 'treat me like a princess'." He then asked "You doing anything fun this Friday?" I knew right away what was coming. It was so obvious, but I was going to MAKE him ask me on a date. I wasn't going to say anything. So what did I say to his question? "Mmm, I have a few things I've been invited to. Don't know if I'm going to go though, why?" He said "Oh, I was just going to see if you wanted to do something." I then said "Like... a date?" He then said "..... Yeah, a date." Which in return I told him "Sure".
Later that day he wanted to make sure we were still on for Friday, March 16, 2012. He said to me "You never gave me an answer if you wanted to go" I then turned to him and said "Yeah I did, I said 'sure'". All he did was stare at me until I gave him a real answer. So I said "Yes Braxton, I would love to go." And that is how Braxton asked me on a date. We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner then afterwards we drove around. We went up Provo Canyon, to Heber City, down through Parley's Canyon, to Salt Lake, stopped at Denny's on 7200 South so I could pee then back down to Orem. Quite the drive. Quite the date. Very memorable.
This year on March 16, 2013 he was house sitting for a client. So we got off work, bought Little Caesar's Pizza, went to the house, fed the horses, dog & cat then we sat down dimmed the lights and had some pizza with a Coors Light. Tried to make it somewhat romantic. After that we watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit then went to bed. Not quite as exciting as our first date, but it was still nice. We were by ourselves with no one around. That was even better.